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Dungeon OverviewEdit

Loot Sources: Chests, Barrels, Treasure Piles.

Mobs: Kobolds, Lizards, Lizardmen, Rats, Scorpions, Troglogytes, Deep Ones, Tengus, Dracotaurs, Ogres, and Dragons.

  • Full list of mobs and mob attributes found here (Google Spreadsheet)

Ally: Dragon* Chinese Ancient

Dungeon ProgressionEdit


  • Level 1: Kobolds, Lizardmen, Scorpions, and Lizards.
  • Level 2: Lizardmen, Troglogytes, Lizards, Scorpions, Rats, some Kobolds, and Dragon Saxon Youngling.
  • Level 3: Lizardmen, Troglogytes, Lizards, Rats, Deep Ones, and Dragon Saxon Youngling.
  • Level 4: Troglogytes, Deep Ones, Dragon Saxon Mature, and Dragon* Ancient Chinese.
  • Level 5: Deep Ones, Tengus, Ogres, Dracotaurs, Dragon Saxon Ancient/Dragon Undead Ancient.


  • Fire: Rare, 1-2 types of fire elementals in each of the 5 levels.
  • Holy: Very Rare, Dragon* Chinese Ancient in level 4, (and perhaps one of the unique mobs before final boss, need confirmation).
  • Lightning: Common in Levels 3-4, Uncommon in level 5.
  • Necrotic: Uncommon, in all levels except 2.
  • Poison: Very Common in Levels 1-3.
  • Psychic: Rare, Deep One Minion in levels 4-5.
  • Silver: Common, in level 5


  • Holy: Cave Scorpion and Deep One Minion.
  • Lightning: Troglogyte Cleric.
  • Silver: Dragon Saxon Youngling, Dragon Saxon Mature, Dragon* Chinese Ancient, Dracotaur Clerics, Dragon Saxon Ancient, and Dragon Undead Ancient.


  • Fire: Flame-tongued Lizard, Desert Scorpion, Lava Rat, Dragon Saxon Youngling, Dragon Saxon Mature, Dracotaur Celtic, and Dragon Saxon Ancient.
  • Holy: Dragon* Chinese Ancient.
  • Lightning: Stun Lizard and Deep Ones.
  • Necrotic: Kobold Scorpion-rider and Dragon Undead Ancient.
  • Poison: Lizardman Tracker, Cave Scorpion, Giant Scorpion, Black Rat, and Troglogyte Nomad
  • Psychic: Deep One Minion.

Dungeon Tips:Edit

Recommended CharacterEdit

  • Character with high defense and high health or any non fire damage ranged/magic character.
    • As most rooms of this dungeon are filled with 3+ mobs at a time, high starting defense and health can help mitigate damage and keep you alive long enough to regenerate health via items and successfully gear up.
    • Surprisingly enough, there aren't very many mobs in the dungeon that's vulnerable to a specific elemental damage nor a single resistance that's dominant through all 5 levels. Damage type wise, most characters will have about the same difficulty.
    • Non fire damage ranged/magic character: Dragon minibosses often spawn in the middle of larger rooms and use fire magic to attack. Since fire has the chance to break gear, ranged/magic characters have the advantage of attacking them without having to first close the gap.

General StrategiesEdit

  • Fire and necrotic resistance for the final boss will help reduce the damage done by each boss form. With 25~ defense, the ancient dragon will still do 8-16 damage per hit without resists.