Q dhaem

Quest Text

Dungeon OverviewEdit

Loot Sources: Barrels, Chests, Shield Racks, Dual Sword Racks.

Mobs: Deep Dwarves, Swart Elves, Bats, Centipedes, Spiders, Cobras, Floating Eyes, Spawns of Yoth, Swarders, Hill Dwarves, Mantises, and Cthulets.

  • Full list of mobs and mob attributes found here (Google Spreadsheet)

Ally: Hill Dwarf* Royal Guard, Hill Dwarf* King, Cthulet* Albino.

Dungeon ProgressionEdit


Note: Swart Elves are found in all 5 levels, and Deep Dwarves are found in levels 1-3. Both types of mobs have increasing attributes as you progress through the dungeon levels.

  • Level 1: Bats, and Centipedes.
  • Level 2: Cobras, Spiders, and Medusa Witch.
  • Level 3: Spiders, Spawn of Yoth, Floating Eyes, Cobras, Swarders, Hill Dwarf* Royal Guards, Hill Dwarf* King, and Cthulet* Albino.
  • Level 4: Spawn of Yoth, Mantises, and Cobras.
  • Level 5: Same as level 4, and Cthulets.