"Level Feelings":Edit

Upon entering a level if there is going to be a boss or mini-boss somewhere on that level a message will appear in the turn log. An example is the second floor of Journey to the Kimon where it says "A dungeon fit for a king." which signifies that the Goblin King resides somewhere on that level.

Universal strategies for questsEdit

  • Stack defense. Once you have around 20 defense, most mobs in dungeon levels 1-3 should be hitting you for 1 damage per hit or so. You'll want 25+ in order to do the same for levels 4 and 5.
  • To have most dungeons be smooth sailing, aim for 90+ Attack Rating, 35+ Damage Rating, and 20-25+ Defense Rating. Having the Ring of Gax or an item with regeneration will allow you to have lesser ratings without increasing difficulty.
  • Mobs don't open doors and travel around the dungeon by themselves if a nearby room's been completely cleared (allies will do this from time to time to attack enemies in the next room). Regeneration has a chance of occurring after each turn (higher probability when your health is low). Turns include randomly walking around in an empty room, so if you've got regeneration and need to heal, use a previously cleared out room to walk around and use up turns until regeneration occurs.

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